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Fashion Artist Jukka Rintala

Fashion designer Jukka Rintala (1952–) is one of the top names in the Finnish fashion world and fashion industry. His exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum celebrates the artist’s 40 year long career.

Jukka Rintala, drawing, 2017.

Rintala’s luxurious and flamboyant evening dresses are well-known from the Presidential Independence Day reception. He is, however, also an industrial designer of fashion and interior design. His sensitive and at the same time strong touch is visible in his fashion creations, as well as in interior design and paintings.

The exhibition at the Didrichsen Art Museum aims to expose Rintala’s work in a new context and establish a dialogue between fashion and art.

Jukka Rintala, painting, 2001.

Jukka Rintala, 2016. Photo: Touko Hujanen.

The exhibition is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.