/ A. W. Finch


Alfred William Finch (1854–1930) was born in Belgium to English parents. He studied at the Royal Academy of Arts in Brussels and was a member of the radical artist group Les Vingt, in which exhibitions Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin and Georges Seurat, among others, participated.

Finch was influenced by the Arts and Crafts -movement and its principles on how art and handicraft influenced daily life, and moved from visual arts towards ceramics.

A. W. Finch: Seascape, 1903, Collection Katarina & Leonard Bäcksbacka, HAM Helsinki Art Museum. Photo: HAM, Hanna Kukorelli.

A. W. Finch: Baltic Herring Market, 1903, Collection Martti Airio, Mikkeli Art Museum. Photo: Harri Heinonen / Mikkeli Art Museum.

In 1897 Finch came to Finland to lead the ceramics department at the furniture and ceramics factory Iris in Porvoo. He worked as an artist and ceramics teacher during three decades in Finland and played a central role in the internationalization of Finnish art.

The exhibition at Didrichsen presents A. W. Finch as a painter, graphic artist and ceramist through a selection of works from the 1880s until the late 1920s. The works are from Finnish museums and the Didrichsen Art Museum collection.

A. W. Finch: Pottery, 1897-1926, Design Museum. Photo: Susanna Lehtinen.