/ Ahti and Maija Lavonen

Ahti Lavonen, Mercurio III, 1965, Sara Hildén Art Museum. Photo: Jussi Koivunen.

Maija Lavonen: Metal Net, 2002. Photo: Rauno Träskelin.

Ahti and Maija Lavonen – In Harmony


Ahti Lavonen (1928–1970) became one of the leading figures in Finnish painting in the Sixties – a bold experimenter and committed individual who closely followed artistic developments at home and abroad, and who was never afraid to air his opinions in public. His brilliant career came to an abrupt end with his early death in 1970.

The roots of Maija Lavonen’s (1931–) artistic career lay in the traditions of textile art, craftsmanship and a profound understanding of materials. Study, work, exhibiting and commissions formed an integral chain that has extended over six decades. Her choice of materials and techniques is a combination of the old and the new, and always contextually harmonious. Nature provides the prevailing motif in her works.

The Didrichsen Art Museum’s exhibition presents the works of two independent artists, working in different mediums and in different periods. The Lavonens’ concept of art is the key to the exhibition: an interest in space and material, mood and spirituality.