/ The best place in the world to paint

The best place in the world to paint presents artist communities in Önningeby and Lake Tuusula

13.9.2019 – 19.1.2020

Hanna Rönnberg: Hillside Landscape 1889, The Åland Islands Art Museum. Photo: Robert Jansson

Collegiality between artists began in France and developed into a versatile international phenomenon during the 1870s. A colony of Finnish and Swedish artists emerged in Önningeby, Åland, during the summers at the end of the 19th century. A few years later the peace and scenery of Lake Tuusula appealed to the leading circle of artists in Helsinki who created a looser community in the area. In addition to the artworks the exhibition presents the relations and networks be-tween the artists and the role of female artists in the communities.
The artworks are from the Didrichsen collections as well as private and mu-seum collections. The exhibition is pro-duced by the Didrichsen Art Museum and curated by Anna-Maria Wiljanen, PhD and chairman of the art foundation.

Acke J. A. G.: Portrait of Elin Danielson 1887
The Åland Islands Art Museum
Photo: Robert Jansson

Pekka Halonen: Pushcart in the Garden, 1913, Halosenniemi Tuusula Art Museum Photo: Matti Ruotsalainen