Hannu Palosuo_Rothko_tulevat näyttelyt.jpg



You Live With Me

The Didrichsen Art Museum's summer exhibition 2022 presents the work of Finnish Rome-based contemporary artist Hannu Palosuo. You Live With Me builds on themes the artist has worked with before: memory and layers of memories. The artist also engages in a dialogue with works he has selected from the Didrichsen collection. For example, Pekka Halonen's Meal, Mark Rothko's Gray, White, Purple and Marika Mäkelä's Like the Night's Guard are presented as an interwoven part of the exhibition.

In addition to paintings, the exhibition includes sculptures, jewellery, ceramics and glass art. The paintings are mostly new, made especially for the exhibition. The exhibition working group has been formed by Hannu Palosuo, writer and art critic Mika Hannula and the Didrichsen Art Museum.