Klein Victoire de Samothrace bleue.jpg



Victoire de

Samothrace bleue,


YVES KLEIN (1928–1962): Victoire de Samothrace bleue, 1962–73, dry pigment, synthetic resin, plaster, stone,

edit. 49/175, 34 cm

Yves Klein’s most widely know creation is the International Klein Blue, IKB, a shade of blue he mixed in 1956. By focusing on a single shade the artist aimed to ”liberate colour from the prison that is the line”. Instead of depiction, the works verge on immateriality and eternality. Klein was a founding member of Nouveau réalisme (new realism) movement and his works combine elements of sculpture, painting, conseptual and performance art. His series of Anthropoétries is a prime example of performative works, created on large canvases with models, whose naked bodies were covered in IKB.

Victoire de Samothrace bleue is a miniature version of the Winged Victory of Samothrace (220-190 BC) based in the Louvre, Paris. Klein’s version of the Greek goddess of victory is part of a series, in which the artist covered copies of famous sculptures with his deep blue. The series also incldes versions of Venus de Milo, as well as The Dying Slave by Michelangelo.

This edition of the sculpture was cast by Galerie Karl Flinker in 1973.


The artwork of the month is on hold during the Didrichsen 55 exhibition.