/ 18.5.–1.9.2019 Marita Liulia Mysterium

Artist Marita Liulia’s world of mysteries takes over Didrichsen Art Museum in Summer 2019. 

The versatile world of Artist and Director Marita Liulia will be on display at two venues in Finland during the summer of 2019. The exhibition Mysterium opens at the Didrichsen Art Museum in Helsinki on May 18 and at Laukko Mansion in Vesilahti, some 200 km north of Helsinki, on June 6.

Marita Liulia Mysterium present the artist´s most recent production. The shows are independent but yet support one another. The Didrichsen Art Museum presents Liulia´s paintings and photographs as well as video works, personal artefacts and costumes. The presentation at Laukko Mansion focuses on paintings, videos and photographs.

Exploring the mysteries of art

With the help of art, the exhibitions Marita Liulia Mysterium lead us into the unknown and fascinating world of imagination. The exhibition spaces have been transformed in Liulia´s hands to reflect her own world. The rythm of her installations, paintings, videos and sounds create a unique atmosphere at the Didrichsen Art Museum. One of the exhibition spaces is converted into a magical tarot-room.

The specific themes of Liulia´s paintings play an important role in the exhibition. The nearly abstract landscape-like paintings reflect the natural phenomena of today´s environmental changes, where beauty and horror are present at the same time. The main elements of Liulia´s artistic work are apparent in the motifs of her paintings: water, fire, earth, air, metal and wood.

Marita Liulia and the Didrichsen Art Museum have collectively produced an exhibition catalogue in Finnish and English, Marita Liulia Mysterium.

Four decades of artistic activity

Marita Liulia´s (born 1957) artistic activity spans four decades. She has worked with dance theater, media art, photography and painting. She has received multiple awards, one of the most recent ones being the Pro Finlandia Medal in 2018. Her works have been displayed in 50 countries, the latest one in Japan in the beginning of 2019 at Spiral Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo.  Marita Liulia lives in Helsinki and works in Helsinki and Heinola.

Marita Liulia Photo: Hemmo Hytönen

Marita Liulia: Tree of Life 2018