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Sculpture Park

The Didrichsen Art Museum is surrounded by a public sculpture park. The park was completely renewed between 2013 and 2014, during the renovation of the museum building.

Besides artwork from the museum’s own collections (artists such as Henry Moore, Eila Hiltunen, Laila Pullinen, Bernard Meadows, Mario Negri and Eero Hiironen) the sculpture park also holds two deposited works from Finnish contemporary sculptor Paula Salmela and one sculpture from South African artist Lionel Smit.

Modern and contemporary sculptures have been a part of Didrichsen Art Museum from the beginning. The harmony of architecture and nature was essential in Viljo Revell’s thinking.

The renewed Didrichsen Sculpture Park is a unique cultural attraction in Helsinki. The entrance is free and it is possible to visit the park even when the museum is closed.

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