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Embassy of EGS

Tue–Sun 11 am–6 pm

The exhibition transforms the Didrichsen Art Museum into an embassy of an imaginary state, the Republic of EGS. The artist EGS (b. 1974) is a civil servant of the Republic and a cultural attaché. EGS, who began his career as a graffiti painter, has over the years moved closer to traditional visual art. The republic is a territory in the artist’s mind, a place that encompasses his entire creative output, including graffiti, site-specific works and installations, as well paintings created in the studio and art glass. The Embassy offers visitors six entry points to the Republic of EGS: geography, folklore, language, identity, landscape and subterranea, the underground.

The acronym EGS permeates the artist's entire oeuvre. In art, EGS is driven above all by curiosity: what further manifestations can the three letters have?

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